Yachdav Young Leadership


A project of Chabad of Central Cascades

“YYLC” is a youth leadership club for Jewish children of Israeli and American families living in Issaquah Sammamish and Snoqualmie Communities.

“YYLC” is committed to creating an inclusive and nonjudgmental environment for all families regardless of background or personal religious beliefs.

“YYLC” is not your typical “tween/teen club”. We’re able to give your child a more lasting experience that he/she will find extremely fulfilling.
They’ll leave our program with pride in becoming a powerful Jewish adult, an understanding of their future potential and with messages of empowerment that they’ll keep with them throughout life.

Our members will engage in community building and creating bridges.

We will have periodic meetings in which we will:

  • Learn how to brainstorm and plan for events and programs
  • Discuss and plan upcoming community events
  • Have discussions that are filled with activities that guide your child into adulthood with grace, G‑d and giggles.
  • Have the opportunity to engage in volunteer programs with seniors and special needs members
  • Create long lasting friendships
  • Enjoy light refreshments.

Community service hours:

YYL members will receive community service hours when engaging in volunteer opportunities.

Meet new friends
During the course of the YYLC year, they will meet other Jewish friends their age in this area. They will enjoy events and programs together.

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