Men, Women & Children!
Be there when the Torah is given for the 3,330th time. You don’t have to travel to the desert—it’s happening right here! Come hear the Torah reading of the Ten Commandments.

with Chabad of the Central Cascades

Saturday, May 19
Light Candles after 9:41pm
All Night Learning
Scholar in residence: Rabbi Moshie Traxler
refreshments will be served
11:00pm to 1:00am
Sunday, May 20
Holiday Services 9:30am
Children's Program
"Bikurim scavenger in nature"
10 Commandments 10:30am
Grand Shavout Lunch and Ice Cream Party 12:00pm
Light Candles after 9:42pm
Monday, May 21
Holiday Services 9:30am
Yizkor Memorial 11:00am
Holiday Ends 9:44pm
For more info contact us at 425-427-1654