Gani Preschool’s Mission Statement:

To educate your child in a creative, supportive, and warm Jewish environment, so that your child will not only learn about life as a Jew but will learn to love it too!

To nourish and stimulate your child’s learning priorities, as we develop their cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills, so that your child will be a well-rounded and self -confident individual.

Gani Preschool’s Philosophy:

Gani Preschool of the Arts is a place where young children receive a warm and enriching preschool experience providing them with the foundation to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Our goal is to create a preschool environment that integrates the history and traditions of Judaism with a broad spectrum of secular topics. Gani teachers promote the values of respect and responsibility in a positive and encouraging manner.

Children who attend our preschool develop into proud and productive Americans knowledgeable and aware of the richness found in their Jewish heritage. Through developmentally appropriate activities, children gain the opportunity to learn and perfect newly acquired skills. Our teachers recognize that children learn best when they experience the world firsthand utilizing all of their senses to participate in learning. At Gani Preschool of the Arts children are encouraged to create, explore, and discover in the safety of our nurturing environment

Reaching Our Educational Goals:

Incorporating learning centers into our classroom provides an environment of choice and opportunity. In every Gani classroom there are art, science, blocks, holiday, dramatic play, writing, and math/manipulative learning centers. Additionally the cozy-corner provides an area dedicated to books and quiet, individual time. All learning centers are amply stocked with fun, educational material. Varied to reflect classroom themes presently being explored, learning center materials challenge the children’s development and interests.

Integrating every learning style into the Gani curriculum provides each child with the tools they need to succeed. Creative movement, music and drama enrich the classroom. Through these and other activities the children learn, develop and grow. Special visitors to our classroom, including doctors, musicians and artists, and an exciting schedule of field trips give the children special access to the world around them.

Exposing children to a rich and meaningful Jewish heritage gives them a deep appreciation of their history. Hebrew language and alphabet instruction combined with song and dance, Torah stories, Jewish holidays and traditions make for the most opportune learning experience.

Weekly newsletters encourage family involvement. Offering information on current classroom learning themes as well as important announcements, Gani Preschool of the Arts newsletters are vital to good parent-teacher communication. Working together, we can maximize every child’s learning potential. As the year progresses in the Gani Preschool learning arena, children are given the opportunity to develop and reach their educational goals.